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Wine Auction 26


Chablis from Raveneau

Raveneau's Chablis wines are highly sought-after for their purity, intensity, and complexity.
They often display a beautiful balance of bright acidity, minerality, and ripe fruit flavors.


Great Whites from Coche-Dury

Coche-Dury's white wine exhibit a unique combination of richness, purity and vibrant acidity. They showcase a fine balance between fruit expression, mineral character, and oak integration, often displaying notes of citrus, stone fruits, hazelnuts, and a distinct minerality.


The One and Only Petrus

Petrus is known for producing wines of incredible depth, complexity, and aging potential. The wines often exhibit rich flavors of dark fruits, truffles, spice, and silky, velvety tannins. They possess a unique combination of power and elegance.


Lalou Bize Leroy - D'auvenay

Lalou Bize-Leroy is known for her pursuit of purity, finesse, and terroir expression in her wines. She believes in minimal intervention during winemaking, allowing the grapes and the terroir to speak for themselves. Her wines are often described as elegant, precise, and reflective of their unique vineyard sites.

Krug Collection

Superb Krug Collection

Dom Pérignon - Andy Warhol

Dom Pérignon - Andy Warhol

Arnoux Lachoux

Wines from Arnaux Lachaux


Bordeaux GC Imperial Collection

Dom Pérignon

A Pyramid from Dom Pérignon

With a staggering 250+ bottles of Dom Pérignon sold, this certainly was a bubbling highlight on our 24th auction. Leading with a vintage dating back to 1943, all the way up to 2009. 

Le Pin

Le Pin - The Greatest Pomerol

This wine receives an average score of 95 on the Robert Parker scale. Only 500 to 600 cases of wine are produced each year, but their average price is among the highest in the world.

Louis Roederer

Cristal...  Cristal... Cristal Roederer

We hammered 200+ bottles, counting a total of 48 lots, starting from vintage 1970 up to 2002! It is safe to say that we have a massive competitive bidding on Cristal. It is a highly sought-after champagne, after all.


Domaine Georges Roumier

For Chambolles with a difference, wines which are substantial, even sturdy as well as velvety and elegant. The best source is the Georges Roumier domaine. 

Domaine de la Romanée Conti

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti

"Sense for me this perfume! Breathe this bouquet! Taste it! Drink it!
But never try to describe it! Impossible to give an account of such a delicacy with words!
To drink Romanée-Conti is equivalent to experiencing an orgasm at once in the mouth and in the nose.’

1960 Petrus collection

51 bottles of 1960 Petrus 

It is rare to find Petrus this old, it is very rare to find Petrus in this quantity and even more so in a near perfectly preserved state!
After careful inspection by our antique wine experts, we confirmed that these bottles were the real deal. Truly a spectacular find.

Jacques Selosse

The Fantastic Jacques Selosse

Because only 55,000 bottles are produced each year, it is not easy to get hold of one. Moreover, the bottles are highly sought after by connoisseurs. 

Jacky Truchot Collection

The Heritage of Jacky Truchot

Jacky Truchot-Martin started off as an unknown mystery. Yet through his strong belief in tradition, loyal following and consistent quality of wines, Jacky’s wines are quickly rising to the burgundy top, challenging prices of even Domaine de la Romanée-Conti.


Domaine Philippe

This magical vineyard is highly sought-after by our clients and prices for these wines are reaching the starts! 

Chateau Rayas

2006 Chateau Rayas

There are many unusual things about Rayas... 

Find out more here


Jacques-Frédéric Mugnier

The story of the Mugnier vineyards is an interesting but rather complicated one...

Comte Liger-Belair

Comte Liger-Belair

They are precious, yes, and very expensive, but kaleidoscopically complex, dangerously appealing when young, though their ageing capacity is assured. 


Magnum Petrus 1949

Louis Roederer

Cristal Roederer

Clos de Tart

Clos de Tart



Bonnes Mares

Domaine Georges Roumier

Napa Valley

Napa Valley

Henri Jayer

Henri Jayer

La Mission Haut Brion

La Mission Haut Brion