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Wine Auction 21



During auction 21 we had a multiple lots of the great Petrus. There were 37 bottles divided over 20 lots, among them were vintages from 1947 to 2011.

Lot 252 had 3 bottles of Magnum Petrus from 1949 and had no less than 36 bids. This lot was knocked off at €31000.

The wine Petrus was born in 1837.

From the beginning he was seen as one of the greats of Pomerol.

In 1940 Madame Loubat was the sole owner of this domain. When she died in the 1960s, the Moueix family took over. 

The world fame of Petrus started in 1945 which was an excellent year. Now The area of ​​these beautiful wines is located in the east of Pomerol. Where they sell about 30,000 bottles of this divine drink a year.

In the east of Pomerol lie the vineyards of Petrus. The soil, full of dark clay and rich in iron, is ideally suited to the development of the Merlot grape.

The success of the wine is partly due to its geographical location. With a size of just over 11 hectares, the vineyard is relatively small. Its proximity to the port of Libourne ensured that the wine was shipped throughout Europe. Just after the Second World War, the real fame of Petrus came with the exceptional vintages of 1945 and 1947.

In 1947, Pétrus was even served at the Queen's wedding.
Another famous fan of the wine is former President of the United States John F. Kennedy. 

Today, many people will state Petrus as their most favourite wine in the world.  James Suckling even has an article on his website saying: "Petrus is my favourite wine."

Louis Roederer

Ons Louis


A Taste of History

Over 900 years of tradition, knowledge and hard work was poured into one of Burgundy’s finest wines. Clos de Tart is not only a beautiful wine, it is a legacy. A vineyard that has been worked and ploughed through for almost a millennia, it’s truly a taste of history.

Our 21st wine auction had the opportunity to auction a variety of Clos de Tart, ranging from 1921 to 1990.

The oldest and largest Grand Cru Monopole

The origins of Clos de Tart can be traced all the way back to 1141. The 7.5 ha estate was founded by Cistercian nuns of the Tart Abbey, a dependent house of Cîteaux Abbey. Before these nuns acquired the land, it was called Climat de la Forge, a relatively unknown climat. They were the first to work the soil and create the vineyard. The domain remained in possession of this order until 1791, during the French Revolution.

It was after 1791, when the Marey-Monge family took over, that Clos de Tart started it’s rise to fame.

In 1855, Clos de Tart was given the prestigious classification of “Tête de Cuvée”, a classification that is even more difficult to achieve than the current Grand Cru classification! It was also the only Estate in the whole of Morey-Saint-Denis who was given this honour.

The Marey-Monge family continued to push Clos de Tart to it’s limits all the way up to 1932, where they sold off the estate at an auction. It was Henri Mommessin, a Mâcon wine merchant, who had bought the estate. He appointed Sylvain Pitiot to uphold and elevate the status that Clos de Tart already had, and he did exactly that.

The Mommessin family remained the sole owners of the estate until 2018, where the estate had its latest shift in ownership. This time it was the Pinault family who became the sole owners, adding to their list of wine estates, along with Château Latour and Domaine D’Eugénie in Vosne-Romanée.

Notice how the estate, since 1141, has only ever been in possession of one single party?

First the Cistercian nuns of the Tart Abbey, then the Marey-Monge family, then the Mommessin family and lastly the Pinault family.

Clos de Tart is the oldest Grand Cru Monopole with traceable records of ownership. Besides this already prestigious title, it also upholds being the largest Grand Cru Monopole, boasting a 7.5 ha domain.

Clos de Tart is a historical pillar of status, tradition and innovation. 

To this day, it still stands strong alongside the top of Burgundy.

Our most expensive lot sold for €1125, being 3 bottles of 1976 Clos de Tart.

Our most sought-after lot had 9 biddings, being 1 bottle of 1959 Clos de Tart.

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