Chris Thiran

Chris Thiran

Founder - Owner - General Manager

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Danny Cardon

Senior Wine Expert - Purchaser

Having spent my childhood in the vineyards of southern France,
I became interested in wines at an early age.

In 1993, I started working in the wine segment of a department store, until I discovered Belgium Wine Watchers in 2006.

As a buyer's assistant, I can combine my passion for wine with my job, and have recently also been able to do so at Best Wine Auctions as a wine expert.

Yannick Moerbeek

Yannick Moerbeek

Wine Expert - Purchaser

A sip from a glass of Evangile 1996 was my first experience, which made me immerse myself in the world of wine. Since then, the wine bug has gotten hold of me and I started studying the history of wine. 

Every bottle in a cellar, every collection made by an enthusiast has its own story. I’ve been translating this story into correct price indications since 2014 at Belgium Wine Watchers and since 2018 at Best Wine Auctions.

William Van Den Bossche

William Van Den Bossche

Wine Expert and International Sales Manager

It all started in a wine shop, where I got the wine bug - looking for wine estates and new discoveries is pure fun.

I soon focused on wine and food pairing, and for years I worked as a sommelier where I learned how to use my tastebuds to the fullest! Advising customers and managing wine cellars were part of my duties. Afterwards, I worked for an auction house.

Now I work as an International Sales Manager for Belgium Wine Watchers & Best Wine Auctions, where I can apply my sales skills.

Pascale Dams

Pascale Dams


For me, wine is part of the pleasures of life!

Since I became part of the Belgium Wine Watchers team, I have already tasted several gems and am learning more and more about smells and tastes.
I am the administrative force in the office.

Glenn Smets

Glenn Smets

Assistant Sales Manager

After graduating in 2012 with a degree in Beverage Knowledge and Restaurant Company, I worked in various catering businesses in Antwerp.

I have a great passion for every beverage; beers, liqueurs, Armagnac, cognac, whisky, coffee... and wine. 

Recently I started working at Belgium Wine Watchers where I see new bottles passing by every day.

Luc Brabants

Luc Brabants

Senior Warehouse and Logistics Manager

I have been working for Belgium Wine Watchers since 2008 and have become more and more interested in all things wine.

At the moment, as Warehouse/Logistics Manager, I mainly check all the wines that are brought in and make a correct inventory.
All wines that are sold must also pass through me for inspection.

You can contact me for orders, extra photos of certain bottles or just a little more explanation about the wines.

I love a wide range of wines, but at the moment my preference goes to wines from sunny Tuscany like the Brunello di Montalcino or the Super Tuscans, and for the white wines to
the German Rieslings.

 Kristof Jespers

Kristof Jespers

Assistant Admin Warehouse

Hi there !
I am Warehouse Assistant within the Belgium Wine Watchers group.

With my energetic self, I make sure that all wines/ spirits in our company are described thoroughly and correctly. Then we give them a unique location in our warehouse.

Me and my colleagues take care of preparing the orders and making shipping packages and palettes as well as taking pictures of our beverages.

In my opinion, wine is a very fine product to work with. The origin, the variety, the production process, the different smells and tastes, etc.
All this makes my job at Belgium Wine Watchers worthwhile,
time and time again.

Ngawang Lama

Ngawang Lama

Warehouse Assistant

I work within the Belgium Wine Watchers' warehouse, I make sure all the transport boxes are folded and are ready to be filled with the wines sold.

I help my colleagues with incoming orders and retrieve sold wines from the warehouse. 

And am proud to say that I have been working here for over 10 years!

Tibo Thiran

Tibo Thiran

Auction expert - Head photographer

With a youth in constant contact with wine, the choice was quickly made to join the Best Wine Auctions team.
I started in 2018 as a Marketing photographer and 
advertiser. The past few years I have been responsible for building the "social presence" of Best Wine Auctions. This through product photography, campaign videos, ads, graphic design and blogs. Since 2022, I am also an auction expert and I ensure that everything at the auction runs smoothly through warehouse managing, website photography and auction management. 

Every bottle that is auctioned passes through my hands.

Amber Van der Borght

Graphic Designer - Assistant Photographer

After finishing my Marketing degree, I started studying Photography. 

I have been working here as a student since 2020.
I take the Highlight pictures and help with product photography. These highlight pictures are the ones you receive in your email, see on Instagram and during the auction. 

I manage the BWA Instagram and design all of the advertisements.

Because I am still a student, I help the Best Wine Auctions team a few times a week.